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Introduction of Aaditya Oversea

Aaditya Overseas started their business in the year 2010 in Indenting of Pharmaceutical raw materials from European sources with a sole motto to give quality products and service to customers.
The Company’s name ‘Aaditya’ is derived from the Sanskrit language which implies Sun God, the most important source of energy for life on Earth. In the course of doing this business, it came to our mind that as Aaditya, the Sun Lord gives energy to the whole universe, why not we diversify into Vaastu products like Deepa Thailams/Oils for Aaditya distributors products Vaastu Pooja Oils, Deepam Lamp Oils, Positive energy products, Astrologers, Vaastu or Pooja item distributors, Vaastu Books, Festival Occasions

Our Products

Shaneeshwara Shanthi Deepam Oil

Lighting the lamp with an unique blend of herbs in oil in the puja room will ward off the ill effects of SADE SATI and other Saturn related Doshas. Malefic effects of

Samrakshana Vaastu Deepam Oil

The lamp with an exclusive blend of oils will attract the beneficial energies and let it inside the house thereby enhancing the positive energies to the inmates along

Samvruddhi Vaastu Deepam Oil

The vibration which emerges from
this lamp will work as a 3 dimensional Vaastu protector, positive energy enhancer and bestower of peace and