About Us

Aaditya Overseas commenced its operations in the year 2010 as an indenting agent for pharmaceutical raw materials from Europe with the intention to give quality products and service to its clients.

The nomenclature of our enterprise ‘Aaditya’ is named after Sun God in Sanskrit language which implies the most important source of energy for life on Earth. As Aaditya, the Sun Lord gives energy to the whole universe; we diversifiedinto energizing products like Vaastu Deepam Oils for the benefit of all individuals, which will emanate positive energy.

The product is the brainchild of Dr D. Shiva Kumar Nayanar, who developed Vaastu Deepam Oils for the prosperityof all. He is also the founder of Institute of Integrated Positive Astrology (Recognised by Karnataka Sanskrit University) and has developed three types of Vaastu DeepamOils such as, Samvruddhi VaastuDeepam Thailam, Samrakshna Vaastu Deepam Thailam and Shaneeshwara Shanti Deepam Thailam. These oils are sourced from the Scriptures of Sri Agasthya Maharishi’s Brahma Rahasyam and before production; a sacred Havan is performed in a spiritual way using about 128 herbs in manufacturing these oils which generates and enhances the positive energy levels.